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I work as a quality control supervisor for a customer service department. Every week as I monitor and coach my team I have the same issue over and over. The men who work in this department sound sleepy. It is something in their tone of voice. Do you have any tips or exercises that will assist them in not sounding like they are sleepy at best and not present at worst?

Ahh the monotone drone :)

Firstly you have to address whether it is tone or just a question of cant be bothered. Watch your agents as well as listen to them, are they slouching? tapping a pen looking everywhere other than focusing on their working station?. If it is the later then they seriously need to pull their socks up and show some enthusiasm.

If the company you work for was has half soaked at delivering wages they'd soon sit up!

Monotone drone, however is different this is pitch and some do have a same paced, non variant tone about them but it can be changed.

To make your voice interesting you can slightly increase the pace or change the tone for certain sentences, phrases, or even just specific words. When presenting key ideas and summaries, you may want to slightly raise the pitch, because this will convey enthusiasm. An easy way to do that is to smile.

It may sound ridiculous but whilst smiling at your monitor,(and back at those who think your a fool ;) you can change the way you sound and have fun doing it. It may require some practice but it works, It will also have an effect outside of the call centre in every day life a monotone drone will send people to sleep including the ladies :) Tell them to pick it up!

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Hi, we did a great webinar on "Making an Impact with your Voice" which had some great exercises for building empathy and rapport;

hope it helps!


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Start the day with a game that will liven your agents' voice up, let them watch a motivational speech, or if all else fail, give rewards to the most lively voice. Hope this helps. :-)

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