Avaya CMS Supervisor - Next call for agent

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Avaya CMS Supervisor - Next call for agent
I currently run Avaya CMS supervisor R17 for the call centre.
We run a next agent takes the next call scheme, with different call groups for each consultant.

However, in the morning some of the consultants are in different call groups and when in the afternoon they go back into their skills, they take all the calls. As CMS assumes they haven't taken enough calls for their designated skills.

How do I change this, so CMS knows that they have taken their fair share of calls and doesn't auto push more calls to them?


Avaya specialist here
Hi Kristof,

It sounds like the skills are configured as "EAD-LOA" (meaning "Expert Agent Distribution - Least Occupied Agent") but what you need is "EAD-MIA" (meaning "Expert Agent Distribution - Most Idle Agent"). The difference between the two is LOA calculates the percentage spent handling calls on that skill and assigns the call to the agent with the lowest percentage of staffed time. MIA just sends the call to the agent who has been waiting for the longest amount of time on that skill.

Neither method is perfect but it sounds like this is the change you need to make. This isn't something you can do on CMS though - you need to speak with your system administrator for the change to be made on the relevant skills on the Communication Manager.

Hope this answers your question.

Best Regards,
Craig Hunter

Cheers all.. As we n...
Cheers all.. As we need make changes from AM - PM hours, I just want to be sure that the people in AUX in the AM aren't then penalised in the PM by taking more calls.

I will speak to our Sysadmin and see if they can change it to EAD-MIA :)

I have spoken to our...
I have spoken to our Sysadmin and they have confirmed that all FTE are already in EAD-MIA..

So back to the drawing board :(

Hi Kristof, I...
Hi Kristof,

It's unusual for that behaviour if the skills are configured as EAD-MIA. With that said, there are a few other settings which can play a part.

1. Skill level. If the agents who come on in the afternoon are on a higher skill level (with 1 being highest and 16 being lowest) than the others, the EAD concept would force them to receive calls ahead of the lower levelled agents.
2. A related skill type called UCD-MIA (Uniform Call Distibution - Most Idle Agent) forced the skill level to be ignored with agent selection dedicated to duration since last call.
3. "MIA Across Splits/Skills" - a setting which controls if MIA should be considered only on the skill in question or for all skills the agents are logged into.

You mentioned that your sysadmin confirmed all FTE are in EAD-MIA. Maybe this was a typo, but you could double check this. EAD-MIA is configured on the skill rather than the agent/FTE.

I'd suggest experimenting with these settings to find the behaviour you're looking for. I'd also encourage you to get some dummy agents and skills set up so that you can fully test the concepts yourself.

Hope you find a solution somewhere in there.

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