Calculating attrition rates

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Calculating attrition rates

Hoping someone can help:

I am currently calculating my centre's attrition rate using the formula from this site.

I have reached an answer of 23% after determining that the average number of employees was 70 and the number of employees that have left (in that particular time period) was 16.

However, 6 of the 16 that left were new starters within the first 6 months of their employment. How does this affect my overall calculation of 23%?

Any help would be much apprecited!

Thanks in advance



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Your attrition rate is still 23%
Your attrition rate is still 23% - whether it is new starters or longer stayers.

It sounds like you need to look at your onboarding process. This article may help

But you also need look at the longer term problems.

Separate the two measurements
Yes, it's still 23%, however you may want to measure both your overall attrition and your short term attrition. You can measure your short term attrition by looking at the number of people who you have recruited in the past 12 months and the % of those who have left. If you have an issue with attrition you need to determine whether it's a general attrition issue or do you lose the majority of people in the first 12 months? As Jonty suggests you may want to look at your onboarding process. Do you complete leavers interviews or surveys with your staff? This can give a good insight into what is and isn't working, and why they are choosing to leave. You can do this one to one or use a survey site to do so anonymously.

Thank you both


Thank you both for your responses.

Alan - I agree that best course of action would be to calculate both overall attrition and also short term attrition and present them both as separate metrics.

We don't usually leave so many new staff members within the first 12 months - it seems like a recent trend hence why I am delving further into this!

Any further advice would be appreciated and I will keep you updated regarding anything from my side.



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