Daily Dashboard Reporting

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Daily Dashboard Reporting
Hi all,
In my current Workforce Analyst role I'm responsible for creating a daily dashboard every morning. My current dashboards are excel workbooks that show daily performance over each month, with weekly and monthly roll ups on each of the tabs. I report on two locations and send the performance to team leads, upper management, directors and VP's at both locations. I'm finding the the reporting has become time-consuming, and I'm looking for ideas on how others send and display this data.

I think what I have now could be too much info to display on a daily basis, and I'm spending way too much time every morning on creating these workbooks. Can anyone provide some examples on what they use and what they think I should focus on sharing each day? It will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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I would also be interested in seeing this
Hi Harry

Would you be able to send me a copy of one of your current dashboards.

p.s. There is also a "goldilocks effect" when it comes to KPIs. 3 is too few, 27 is too many. The best dashboards seem to be in the 6 - 9 metrics regularly reported on.

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