Max occupancy on the Excel Calculator Template

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Max occupancy on the Excel Calculator Template
I am using the excel tool to do some high level modelling, on the online tool there is an option to input a maximum occupancy and a patients level, I cannot find the equivalent functions on the excel tool. I am familiar with excel VBA and I have looked at the UDF's but can't find it there, although there is a one called utilisation. this takes an input of Intensity and Agents. my question is
is there a version of the formula that replicates the Online tool, if not how do I calculate intensity?
thanks in advance for any assistance


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It is only available on the online tool
Hi Andrew.

The online tool is way ahead of the Excel based tool. The online version supports up to 10,000 agents, has maximum occupancy, shrinkage and also the Erlang A abandon rate.

These are not supported in the Excel version. We are channelling our effort into developing the online tools, where we can apply better change control, rather than the excel based ones.

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