Ratio recallers vs abandoned rate

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Ratio recallers vs abandoned rate
I’m performing an analysis of a contact center which is at 40% abandoned call rate average since a year. I would like to establish how a 40% abandoned calls is increasing their overall call volume, as most probably many customers are re-calling (twice or even more times), creating additional volume.
Do you know if a standard ratio exists to establish this? In example:
In a day of 20% abandoned calls, overall call volume increases by 10% (recallers)
In a day of 40% abandoned calls, overall call volume increases by 15% (recallers)
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There is no standard ratio
I'm afraid that there is no standard ratio as it depends upon a customers propensity to call back. If you are in a monopoly situation then the propensity could be high. If you are in a sales situation and there are lots of other similar suppliers, the propensity would be low.

Probably your best bet would be to analyse a sample of call detail records over a period of time. You can look at the calling number (the Caller ID) for abandoned calls and look back over a week to see if they called back. That would then give you a rough propensity to redial figure.

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