Reporting Period on Erlang C calculations

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Reporting Period on Erlang C calculations
Expected Service Level Planner

Please note these figures do not include shrinkage

Average Handling Time (s) 257 seconds

Reporting Period 15 minutes

Required service level 85%

Target answer time (secs) 30 seconds

The reporting interval, whats the impact and the role on the staffing requirements?


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What is the question that you are asking?
I'm not sure what you are asking.
The reporting period is the period of time that your calls cover. So if you have 200 calls per hour, then the reporting period is 1 hour - this is the equivalent of 50 calls per 15 minutes.
I presume that you have tried using the Erlang Calculator?

Just to add. ...
Just to add.

Look at a clock when thinking about this.
how many times have you thought, "I'll wait until just after X o'clock to call"?

Lots of people do this subconsciously, so, means you will get uneven peaks just after the hour and to a lesser extent after the half hour.

As Jonty (correctly) says, the reporting period is normally the period you plan / schedule to. So in your case will be the 15min interval.

The calculator will help with this, but, as a caveat, you HAVE to have good underlying data feeding the model.

please drop a line back if you need any help or support. We don't bite here (well not often).



Reporting period
Is the reporting period your call center hours? So if you are a 24/7 center, is your reporting period 24/7?


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No the reporting period is the interval that you break your staffing down to
This is typically 30 minutes e.g. 09:00 to 09:30 then 09:30 to 10:00 etc

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