ROI Return on Investment for WFM tool

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ROI on Adherence
I am pulling together an ROI to implement a WFM tool which we currently do not have. I need to gain approval in order to purchase and implement. I am struggling with HOW to calculate in dollars how schedule adherence saves us money. Any advice on what data i should use?


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Look for ROI in other areas
I've not seen anything looking at ROI of adherence, so you are probably looking in the wrong place.

The best think I would do would be to build the case around Customer Lifetime Value. How much is a customer worth.

Now you could work out what the cost impact be where we have long queues and call abandons.

So for every 100 call abandons, what percentage of callers will leave us?.

So if the Customer Lifetime Value is £1,000 - we have 100 abandoned calls per day and 5% of those will leave us because they could not get through. That is £1,000 x 100 x 5% = £5,000 per day = £1.1 Million per year.
Now if we could reduce that by 10% because of a new WFM system we could save £110,000 per year. That goes some way towards paying for a new WFM tool

NICE User Group
If you haven't already, I would subscriber to the NICE User Group. I've seen many posts to the forum there regarding Smartsync. I don't currently utilize it, but someone there could help

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