Scheduling breaks/ lunches in an excel report

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Scheduling breaks/ lunches in an excel report
Hello Experts,

My center is ramping up from 20 agents to 100 agents for a 1 day special launch. We dont use a WFM.

I was wondering if anyone had an excel report that will schedule all breaks/ lunches for 100 agents while meeting our SLA target.


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At 100 agents I would suggest WFM software
By the time that you reach 100 agents I would say that you are probably outside of the capabilities of a spreadsheet and should be considering a WFM system.

But if it is a one off then you could do it in a spreadsheet.

Basically you need 48 columns - 1 for every half hour and 100 rows (one for every advisor). When the advisor is present then you put a 1 in the appropriate box. When they are one break then you put in a 0. Al the bottom of the 100 rows you add in how many people are there for each timeslot. Yu then have a staffing profile. You then just need to compare that with expected call volume coming out of an Erlang calculator.

For an Erlang calculator
or for an Excel version

14 staff managing lunch breaks
I have a team of 14 advisors. Lunch breaks and dse breaks are challenging. Lunch breaks due to cover over the lunch can be busy. How can I make this work better.

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