Sharing team with 2 CS Managers and 2 different General Managers

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Help sharing same team with 2 CS Managers reporting to 2 different General Managers
We have a call center offering support for 1 city with one Manager. Now we are going to offer a very similar service in other city and Company expects to have the current team (6 agents) + hiring 5 more agents to provide support for both cities.

The structure that the company wants is to have a pool of agents where anyone can answer almost everything and just scalate some very city specific and very difficult enquiries to a senior agent with expertise. The thing is that although they want to share all the agents every city will have his "customer service Manager" reporting to his General Manager. Is this something normal to share same team within 2 managers? how shall this be organized?

I understand that having all the agents with the skills to attend every city will provide flexibility but I'm worried that having 2 managers will make things difficult and may be confusing regarding training, monitoring, ... I can hire a Junior Manager profile but General Managers want 2 senior Customer Service Managers for such a Small team.



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Sharing is commonplace
It is quite common to share calls between teams, but you need to be careful with 'turf wars'

Having a team manager in each city makes sense, but can be inefficient unless you share calls. Calls can be shared in a variety of ways, but overflow is the most common. This is where if one group is busy then the second group is added in to handle the peak volume. The ACD reports can show how many calls are overflowed.

The problems tend to come when one manager says "why should my service level suffer because I have to handle overflow from another group that is understaffed". There are a number of ways around this, but it tends to help if there is a common reporting structure or a good understanding between the two managers.

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