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Hi I have asked you a question on this forum but I am not finding it anymore. Can you please help me find this. It was regarding the staff calculation.

The question was like this.....

If the SL% from 1st to 20th was 70% with 3000 calls offered.

What would be the SL% for the remaining days with calls offered 2400 to achieve a target of 75%


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SL for the month
So if I understand it in the month there are 3000+2400 calls = 5400 calls offered
The service level target for the month is 75%
So 75% x 5400 calls = 4050 calls in SL target

Now by day 20 there are 3000 calls offered with a service level of 70%.
So 2100 calls are within service level.

So in the last days of the month you need to handle 4050 - 2100 = 1950 of the remaining calls in service level.

1950 as a fraction of 2400 = 1950 / 2100 = 0.928 = 92.8% service level.

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