Spanish queue bilingual vs non-bi

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Spanish queue bilingual vs non-bi
Sales Call center about 10 reps. 6 bilingual 4 not. 5 queues. 2 main ones are for Spanish and English. Skill sets are equal on all reps across all 5 queues.

Non bilingual reps are not assigned to the Spanish queue except for overflow. Anytime a rep gets a call from a particular queue they go to the bottom of that queue.

So when non bilingual gets an English queue call (the main sales calls). They have to wait through all the other reps to get back to the top. Many times the call is a Spanish call that came on the English queue so it gets transferred to Spanish. Then rep again has to wait.

If a bilingual gets a call on the Spanish queue they keep their place in line on the English queue. In my uneducated opinion this setup really skews the calls and therefore the production toward bilingual. Which of course is understood that being bilingual is advantageous. No one is debating that they will get more opportunities. However if everyone has the same goals and is ranked by sales I feel this queue setup is giving bilinguals a double advantage on top of their inherent advantage and either goals should be changed or the queues should be changed, but how?

Perhaps bilingual reps get reset in both queues when they get a call in either or non bilingual reps get 2 English queue calls before they go to the back of the line.


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Yes its skewed toward bilingual
Yes in this situation the bilingual team will tend to get more calls.

A few things that may help
- You may need to make the Spanish line phone number more obvious, so calls do not get transferred.
- You may be able to set an overflow threshold so that instead of just flipping into the overflow queue the call waits for say 15 seconds before it joins the bilingual team
- Team based sales targets, rather than individual targets

Personally I would go against having a different targets for the different groups.

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