Staffing Justifications

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Staffing Justifications
Question for Call Center Management: When speaking to your CFO on staffing justifications, what have you found are best methods/informational resources you can provide to justify staffing to a not-so-IT-savvy CFO? I manage an IT Help Desk that does a lot of vendor dispatching, and remote access fixes (that take 15-30 minutes per call). I have Monthly Help Desk Metrics from our ticketing system and Call Volume Reports (that are not very tangible to present unfortunately). So, as of right now I drive a lot of my reporting from Ticket Volume.

Here's some average metrics for a month, if this helps:
Tickets Opened: 1,830
Tickets Closed: 1,680
Carryover: 200
Call Center Agents (currently): 5
1-14min Ticket Handling Time: 1,217 Tickets
15-29min Ticket Handling Time: 230 Tickets
30+min Ticket Handling Time: 73

Can anyone provide some pointers to help increase staffing and/or justify current?


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Putting together a business case
This is a classic case of needing to write a business case.

I would suggest that rather than looking at the efficiency side, look at what impact your help desk has on your customers.

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