tarnsferring calls to end service supplier

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tarnsferring calls to end service supplier
i am setting up my own business which will involve taking/making calls to clients who come via a SEO company. i will speak to the prospective customers to basically risk assess the matter they wish to discuss. i will then where appropriate want to transfer the call to a company who works (basically buys) these 'assessed' leads from the SEO Company, they do work with more than one company who buys these leads. my questions, what is the most cost effective way of running my telephone line, or will i require multiple lines i.e if i only have one line will i still be able to make and receive calls on my line if i have transferred a call to the SEO's lead buyer if they are still on call with them....? all input greatly appreciated, thanks


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This is where a cloud solution comes in. Assuming you are a one man band, you only need to have one physical line coming in to your premises. You can then have network based lines for queuing and also for call transfers.
You can then do supervised transfers. The calls can also be recorded.

IMPORTANT. You need to ensure under the new GDPR rules that you have "clear and unambiguous consent" to call people and also to pass their details across to a third party. There are likely to be some very significant fines both for you and also the company who buys these leads if you do nopt get this consent.

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