WFM Software - Balanced Priorities vs Queue prioritization

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WFM Software - Balanced Priorities vs Queue prioritization
Hi there,

I'm interested to know if anyone knows if there is workforce management software that handles not only multi-skill but multi-priority. From what I've seen most good solutions will have a skill or proficiency rating per agent, but otherwise will treat all skills or queues as having equal priority. So if there is an agent skilled in two queues (Queue A and Queue B) and calls come in on both lines, they will be delivered whichever call was waiting longest.

However, in some ACD's it's possible to set priorities so for example you may have a group of agents who only receive a call on Queue B if every Queue A skilled agent is unavailable. Now, this may end up complicating the WFM simulation and forecasts too much, but are there any WFM solutions that people are aware of that have the capability of handling agent queue priorities?


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Most of the major WFM systems do this
As I understand it most of the major WFM systems handle multi-priority.

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