TOTAL FTE to manage contact volumes

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TOTAL FTE to manage contact volumes
So for 7147 contacts per day over 7 days
86.2 average agents needed per day
Maximum 251 agents per day
How do I determine the total FTE for 12 months?


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Have you factored in Maximum Occupancy?
That sounds red hot.

If you take 7147 and divide it by 86.2 that works out as an average of 83 calls per day. that is a very high number unless the calls are fast and easy.

You have not mentioned shrinkage, AHT or maximum occupancy.

Personally I would run it through an Erlang Calculator

This was run through...
This was run through the Erlang Calculator - and the above was the results from the calculator it included 41% shrinkage and 157 seconds patience. We are a 24/7 shift environment and worked out the following - Shift coverage 24x7 = 3 shifts per day • 3 shifts required per day x 365 days = 1095 shifts • 1095 shifts / 193 shifts per FTE = 5.66. So if we needed an additional 5 staff it worked out to be an additional 28 FTE.


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Please let me know the following details
I can double check with an experimental scheduler that I am looking into

Average Handling Time (including wrap up time)
FTE hours per Week (e.g. 37.5 hours per week per FTE)
Sevice Level target (e.g. 80% of calls handled in 20 seconds)
Maximum occupancy target (e.g 85%)
Average Patience (average time to abandon)

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