Tracking AHT

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Im an Agent at a call center I've been asked to maintain a aht excel to reduce my aht to 300.
I have been asked to maintain this aht tracker for the day, however I would like to know is there a better way of maintaining this aht tracker than me having to manually enter my handle time for each call, since each calls handle time is already recorded on my hardphone and soft phone, is there any possible way for getting the handle time for each call somewhere where I can copy paste it to the excel at tracker I have or have it directly notated it to my hat tracker excel file?

AHT Tracker to Reduce AHT
There is usually a way to get that information more efficiently. But what drove your AHT can only come from you or your call recordings.

I think your manager wants you to track your AHT so that you understand and reflect on what happened in each call. Track what you did on each call to impact your AHT above or below your goal.

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