Tracking 'Not Responding' Time as a KPI

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Tracking 'Not Responding' Time as a KPI

Just wondering how other contact centres are monitoring 'not responding' time? In our contact centre not responding time is categorised as when an agent is on queue but does not pick up an interaction. For example, on our chat channel after a certain amount of seconds of not being accepted this transfers to another agent and puts the initial agent in a not responding status.

We were thinking of putting a target in place in the form of a % to say for example, 2% of a working week can be attributed to not responding.

Keen to hear how others are tracking this and what their targets are.

Thanks :)


Call Centre Helper

Sounds like you need to change the software
This sounds like advisors are cherry picking the chats that they want to work on.

It sounds like you need some Chat software that automatically allocates who gets the chat.

Also you need to have conversations in real time about why they are not responding.

It is very easy for bad habits to spread if they are not being managed. This is particularly the case if you are in a sales centre.

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