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Trainer Recommendations
Hi All,

Looking for some recommendations...

Looking for a trainer to provide some B2B soft sales training in house - Not hard sells as most of the customer base have shown an interest in the services offered either via newsletters / webinars. So primarily follow up calls to try and secure the deal / mature the relationship.

Thanks in advance

How my team "Sell Well"
First of all you want to the team member to build rapport which can easily be done by understanding what kind of customer they are speaking to. There is training information called Personality Colours if your staff can recognise what type of personality they are speaking to they will build rapport straight away.

Give your staff information about the business which they are selling to and not just the information which is left for the callback this will make a huge impact when being able to sell the product to the business as it will enable your staff to give examples of why they need your services.

When selling either a product or a service I would always recommend not having a script as this can leave the customer feeling like "just another number.." give your staff guidelines instead and possible answers to frequently asked questions or reserves.

Make sure your staff believe in the product they are selling, you can hear how someone feels through the phone. If you're staff don't sound fully invested in the product neither will the customer. People assume by not being able to see the advisors face they cant hear what they think about the product/service however you can totally hear a smile over the phone.

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