training cost due to turnover

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training cost due to turnover
with our call center sourcing partner we agreed to pay training costs for any customer advisor that left after 18 months.
they want to have this non-nominative; so the sum of working months by all leaving CA's
to show an example:
- what we want: 5 CA's leave, only one has worked more than 18 months: we pay the trianing of his replacement, sourcing partner pays for the training of the 4 other CA's.
- what sourcining partner wants: 5 CA's leave, 3 worked 10 months for us and 2 only 3 months: a total of 36 months --> 18 months * 2. so we pay for the training of 2 new CA's, they pay for 3.

which calculation is more common?

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Your method is correct
I think that they are trying it on with their calculation. Your method (method 1) looks right.

I think that the approach is wrong. It would be better to pay training costs for any customer advisor that did not leave within 18 months.

third option
This is why I like forums.. there's always the third option :)
Since the former contact center manager approved the first calculation, we're going to re-negotiate these terms.


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