Training for contact centre agents between 8pm and 8am

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Training for contact centre agents between 8pm and 8am
I would be interested to hear from any training professionals who have delivered training for new agents between 8pm and 8am. I am keen to identify how many companies out there deliver this training and any issues/considerations to be taken into account before delivery.

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Out of hours training for contact centre agents
To Christine Schofield We do not employ or supply training professionals, but do have a product which can address out of hours training. It is called VideoCast Contact, specifically designed for the contact centre environment and which delivers customer services or other skills training (eg induction) via the intranet. It is an integragted solution which combines video training modules, on-line assessment tools and a management database to yield a quantifiable solution designed to reduce costs and streamline training in a call centre. Training content includes relevant topics such as controlling call time, Handling upset or angry customers, communicating clearly, staying positive, etc. There are about 40 titles to choose from (we integrate content from specialist like Video Arts and Hotlines), or you can integrate your own content. As our VideoCast software schedules the video training modules to run either continuously (using multicast technology) or at specific times, the system can easily be set up to run at night or at weekends, so you can deliver the same skills training to all shifts. 

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Between 8pm and 8am
Training between 8pm and 8am would require lost of resources. You could also send them training and other information. i.e. Supervisors and Coaches could create a library of training material and send this to your new hires. They can listen and see best practice calls, training videos and any other information that you might already have.

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Training for contact centre agents between 8pm and 8am
Hi Christine, My company have a 24/7 policy also as the demand is becoming greater within the industry. In fact, some of our trainers welcome these hours..strange but true! 

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Training Hours
Hi Christine,

The company I currently work for has a requirement to trian these hours too. We adopted the viewpoint that our two full time trainers could not possibly cover all these hours effectively as we have many different shifts within the 12 hour opening times. So, what we did was to choose approx 6 'trusted and mature' Agents who had a flair for buddying new members of staff, gave them Train the Trainer skills and now they deliver training outside of core hours on our bahalf.

We have found that this is excellent succession planning for the staff and gives them something to work towards. It raises the profile of my team internally as well as alowwing the staff a little more freedom to explore their own development. I am confident that it has also assisted our attrition rates.
I hope this info is of some help.


Hi Christine...
Hi Christine I have had experience in this area. You mention that the training is for new starters, therefore I assume you are looking at product, systems and dialogue training? Something you may wish to think about is how alert will the delegates be at this time? Are they use to working these hours? Is their body clock adjusted to these hours? I’m assuming they will be employed to work during the hours of 8pm and 8am?

An option to consider is carrying out the training during normal hours (say 9am to 5pm) and then provide coaching support during their first week live on the telephone during the hours they are on the phone.

 Wishing you every success .

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