Transfered Calls in Symposium 4.2

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Transfered Calls in Symposium 4.2
Hi all,

Just doing some analysis on transfer rates within different skillsets we have, and have come across an problem when reviewing a DILO i wrote. On the Agent Performance report, there is a column with "transfers" totalled up. Is this:

Calls transfered externally (i.e. to stores)?
Calls transfered within skillsets?
Both of the above?

We have a transfer SLA and knowing this would help considerably.

Thanks in advance.


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TX Calls in Symp

As far as I know it's ALL TX calls both internal and ex the SkSet.

However, (well that's better than BUT isn't it?)as far as I know
calls TX'd from one skillset into another will show as SkSet calls
but calls Tx'd from one SkSet direct to an extension will only show as an internal transfer.

The only way I'm aware to track at that point is the call by call report.

Ouch :-)

Good Luck, John Nutley may be able to shead a little more light on the subject.




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On the agent report the sum of the calls transferred are as follows (exact formula):

Sum({iAgentPerformanceStat.ACDCallsTransferredToCDN}) +
Sum({iAgentPerformanceStat.ACDCallsTransferredToDN}) +
Sum({iAgentPerformanceStat.ACDCallsTransferredToIncalls}) +
Sum({iAgentPerformanceStat.ACDCallsTransferredToOther}) +
Sum({iAgentPerformanceStat.CDNCallsTransferredToCDN}) +
Sum({iAgentPerformanceStat.CDNCallsTransferredToDN}) +
Sum({iAgentPerformanceStat.CDNCallsTransferredToIncalls}) +
Sum({iAgentPerformanceStat.CDNCallsTransferredToOther}) +
Sum({iAgentPerformanceStat.DNCallsTransferredToACDDN}) +
Sum({iAgentPerformanceStat.DNCallsTransferredToCDN}) +
Sum({iAgentPerformanceStat.DNCallsTransferredToDN}) +

If you need the above clarified I can assist.

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"calls TX'd from one skillset into another will show as SkSet calls "

...but will they also show as transfered calls?

Justine/Dave, thanks for your help, has cleared a few things up.


p.s. as for the call-by-call report.....ahem *cough cough* "Admin person....could you come here a sec...?"


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Tx in Symposium,

Again as far as I'm aware they show as a Tx call on the Agent who transferred it, however, obviously only as a SkSet call on the receiver.

Hope this helps.


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