transferring calls between ACD

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transferring calls between ACD
Hi guys, I need to get up a following flow for my new service desk:
1. customer is calling "first line" ACD
2. first line agent answers the call
3. first line agent needs to transfer call to "second line" ACD
4. first line agent press transfer, dial "second line" ACD
5. any agent from second line ACD answers the call. both agents have a talk for a while
6. first line agent finalise transfer of customer to the consulted second line agent

The important feature here is possibility to brief second line agent before customer call is transferred

This is quite obvious scenario for me even from analog telephony I know from ~ 30 years ago, I was able to have a talk with target extension before transferred the caller - but my technical support tells me this is impossible to do with ACD groups.

Can you please help? comment? is my requirement strange??


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It is called a Supervised transfer
This is quite common on most ACD systems, and is the most sensible way to transfer a call.

The only problem is if the second group is in a different building. Depending upon your system you may get tromboning, where you tie up one incoming and one outgoing line coming into the building. If you do this too often you may run out of lines.

So the questions are
1. What ACD system are you using?
2. Is the second line group in a remote location?

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