Types of inbound calls

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Hi! I need help in division inbound calls in some categories by their difficulty

I mean there are calls when customer only needs to know the price, they are quite easy; there are calls in customer support when agent needs to explain how to intall let's say a TV and there are calls in insurance company where agent needs to listen what happened to the customer and to register his accident etc.

Maybe somebody has some kind of division in categories for inbound calls?

Thank you in advance :)


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That's the world of content centres. You can track them by putting call reason codes into your CRM system.

If you were looking to separate them into different queues with an IVR on the front end, I would caution against that. It is better variety for all if you can multi-skill them.

Thank you!

JontyPearce could you please tell more about putting call reason codes into CRM system?


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The reason code is a field on you contact centre agent's desktop system where you can enter the reason why a customer is calling.

It is available on most CRM systems.

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