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Anyone got any good tips,exercises or websites to visit to help improve agents skills in typing notes whilst still in call? Obviously an attempt to try to improve wrap times but also to help agents in their skill sets.

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Hello, in the past i have found free courses that agents can use to learn touch typing.

But also have a look at the free trial version of Short Keys Lite (http://www.shortkeys.com/lite.htm). This is a great tool for agents to use to input frequent call notes. However, care still needs to be taken ie that the agent sense checks the short key and edits if necessary to ensure it matches the actual call. Also you need to ensure that the keys you choose for the short keys are not going to be used generally, a combination of letters for example zq may work as they will not form part of a word - however, if they are tech agents it is possible this combination may appear in a serail number etc.

Have a look - I'm sure it would help :O)

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Hi, we have a similar situation with an advisor who is fantastic on the phone to a customer but is not great at small talk. She has a high aftercall as this is when she types up her notes etc. I am currently coaching her to try and get her to get the call notes etc done while the customer is still on the phone. W have tried putting a plaster on the aftercall button lol.

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A good option is to have a set of "Stock Notes" available for agents. I

f there are a number of queries that have a very typical response having the note pre typed and ready to cut and paste may lead to a reduction in after call work.

Speaking from experience within a semi-repetitive customer service role, it's evident between the agents that do and do not use them and the increase in after call work.


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Not everyone is good at multi tasking, so I think that the trick is to encourage touch typing.

I learnt basic touch typing during my lunch breaks. Could that be the answer? Lunch time typing lessons - perhaps with a prize for completing the course.

Last year I wanted to get faster in touch typing and found that I was getting slowed down by looking at my fingers.

I found that you could buy a keyboard with no legends on the keys, but that it cost £140. As an alternative I bought a permanent marker ppen and blacked out all of the A-Z keys. For about 4 days my typing speed dropped in half, but after I had got used to it I found that I was so much faster.

That all worked really well until I broke my shoulder and I had to type one handed. But that's another story...

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Great idea JontyPearce, I am going to try that. Will let you know how I get on.

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I can picture the scene of a load of contact centres with all the A-Z keys tipexed out and some perplexed looking agents wondering what the heck is going on

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That is a great idea.

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Anyone still looking for a suggestion for this one? Anyways, I have a lot of time to burn and wanted to share how I handled this one.

I used to be a slow typist. Around 20wpm or something. After each shift, when I get home. Before sleeping, I would play computer word games like "Text twist", "Hangman", and there was another one with a kangaroo. I would render 1 hour to doing that everyday - without miss. After a week, I was already getting bored so put on a headset and turned on some music.

Turns out playing text-twist while singing helps improve multi-tasking skill. This is the exercise I give to my agents who are a bit slow to type and so far it has really worked out for them.

btw, you might also want to try doing captcha's just for the sake of improving your typing skill.

The one I use to use was http://www.megatypers.com You need an invitation when you register try 1TN9 (Not sure if this one still works. I just picked it up over the internet.

Whether a game or captcha, make sure you multitask when you do it so that you will become better at it. Sing was the best that worked for me and my agents. hope it helps.

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Oh good idea typing while talking, but for typing while talking you need a perfect typing skill which make you the efficient user of the computer so best of luck for typing while talking.


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