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Untapped Resources
We have access to a considerable number of military dependants living overseas who are willing to work from home. What would the best way forward to this untapped resource to the attention of companies looking for staff? We would be grateful for any advice.


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This is a tough one
There is clearly an opportunity there but it is a difficult one to deal with. Through companies use remote workers they do often like to have them reasonably close to the office.

The reasons for this tend to vary but do include needing to come into the office for training (particularly induction training), meetings as well as using a local accent as well as knowledge of the local geography.

It all is about approaching employers who are looking for staff and asking if they would be interested in taking on any remote workers.

Timing is not great right now as a lot of companies are shedding staff rather than hiring, so you have the double whammy of less jobs available and more people chasing them.

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