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Anybody have any ideas or previous examples of what they have used to train agents on the importance of using customers' names and how to comfortably use it throughout a call?

Ideally would like to make it an interactive session.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

I think its important to use the potential clients name for a number of reasons and its these reasons that should be instilled in to your staff.

The quickest way to shut down a call in my opinion is to ask 'are you the home owner' Your potential client is already thinking of ways to beat a hasty retreat and the chances of a decent conversation are now rapidly disappearing.

This in itself should be incentive enough to a sales team to use the name!

Data is extremely expensive so why if you have details, such as full names would you NOT use them? and utilise the information to the max?

Many people are now aware that call centre operatives make 100's of calls a day so the call you make to the next person must show them that

1.You know who you have called to speak too.

2. This is the call that now matters.

The best way of showing the above is by asking for the person you are calling by name.

Never use first names unless requested to do so.

It might be helpful to sit so many in a group, go through a calls where the clients name has not been used and ask your agents to improve this call? emphasising the use of client names and encouraging them to to think of the positives for doing so.

Making the use of the clients name on each call mandatory for monthly KPI's is also game changer especially if it carries a large percentage of over all marks, no one likes to fail...

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