Value Per Call

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Value Per Call
Hi Everyone,

Im trying to associate a value to a call. This is only for our service team. For example a customer account calls us 60 times in a month to service various bookings they have made. I want to create a metric that would display even though an account calls us 60 times in relation the to the amount of revenue they produce this is small and i would like to compare this amongst the accounts with a metric. I was thinking of along the lines of dividing their total revenue by the number of calls. But at the same time this doesnt Justify the amount revenue the account is worth?. I am aiming to try and show even though account A calls us X amount of times in comparison to account B and C this is fine as account A revenue or value per call is higher.


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Customer Lifetime Value
I think that you are measuring the wrong metric. Take a look at the Customer Lifetime Value. It is much more valuable.

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