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WFM Scheduler



Just wondering if anyone can tell if there's a way to obtain a User Guide of Verint 360. Unfortunately our client no longer want to spend in training me and my colleagues so we are getting by with what our tenured WFM ppl taught us (which are now handling a different Line of Business) :(

Ive been trying to search the web for a copy but to no avail

Hi All,

I have configure a user to verint as Quality Analyst role. But user us unale to login to verint.

Get erro that "you can not login, this is because your status is inactive or you have not been assigned as a group agent or organization lader".

But I can see that user is added to organization group also status is active. And the Wearied thing affected user profile is 100 % mirrored with Mirrored profile and we don't see any difference.

Any one can help what could be the reason for this ?

Schedule rotation
Im having problems with shift rotation.. need guide on this

Verint WFO
Hi, just want to ask if anyone has a manual or even atleast like a dictionary for terminologies used in Verint WFO especially those that are related in Workforce Management, Forecasting, Scheduling. That will be a huge help. Thanks.

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