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Virtual Contact Centre
Hi Everyone, I am looking for some insights, please. During this pandemic, it seems a large number of Contact Centres are moving their strategy to the home-working (Virtual Call Centre) approach and which brings a whole new set of challenges.

Could you please share your insights on the most critical challenges with Virtual Call Centres Approach?


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Virtual Contact Centre
We run a hybrid approach with our contact centre.

All agents are able to work from home but for 3-days a week we bring a small team into the office for a number of reasons:
1. To test quality of work - even though calls are recorded, it is sometimes good to listen to live calls to gain a better understanding of the quality of service being delivered.
2. Adhoc Training - even though we have converted all our training material to online content; it is good to run classroom refresher training from time-to-time to ensure that customers are being serviced correctly.
3. Connectivity & electricity issues - in South Africa, we are often challenged with power outages. These outages have a direct impact on the WFH team because agents do not have the necessary backup power and backup connectivity to continue working once power goes out. Having a portion of staff in the office means you have a team that is guaranteed a continuous supply of power and connectivity.

We have found that the virtual contact centre has improved productivity and attendance. On a weekend, everyone works from home. We have found that attendance issues have literally disappeared since we implemented this approach. Staff no longer complain about transport issues, health issues and family emergencies over weekends.

We have found a great approach to managing the virtual teams through WhatsApp. All collaboration and communication with the teams is done through WhatsApp. Within WhatsApp groups we have also found that agents tend to assist each other with support issues, especially where a second opinion is required. Staff collaborate more and learn more from each other through these groups.

All-in-all; a great experience.

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