Voice & Screen Recording ?

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Voice & Screen Recording ?

I am currently completing a short term project as a consultant for a mobile phone insurance company looign at their Call Centre processes.

One area I am leaving them with to continue themselves is to invest in Voice & screen recording software that incorporates an online scorecard system.

COntenders are:

- E-talk from Quality Plus Callscan
- Verint
- Witness
- Tissell
- Nice / Business Systems.

I am extremely interested in anyone who has views on the E-talk software as the majority of others do not appear to be able to offer Screen Recording on terminal servers until Q2 next year.


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Definately NICE ! Have used it for years and will continue to use it for years, it's extremely scalable and with each new release the product goes from strength to strength.

Also, if you are going to incest in NICE kit, definately buy it from business systems - the other service parters in the UK (that i know of) are Avaya and Touchbase - from my expereince BS have always been top notch !

As for Witness, have heard a lot of horror stories regarding their latest releases - usually around the fact that a new patch is required every few days to plug yet another bug / security hole.

Verint - Have only seen this in use once, looked like a good tool but I haven't enough experience to comment. As for QPC & Tissell, sorry - haven't any thoughts on these.


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TeleTech UK Ltd.

that was meant to be INVEST... i'll try not to hit the "c" next time !



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Voice & Screen Recording
Hi Andy

My name is John from Business Systems if you would like to go through some scenarios i would be more than happpy to help
my contact number is 0208 326 8247

Kind Regards

John Nutley

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