Volume of assessments completed per month?

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Volume of assessments completed per month?
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to gauge the volume of qa assessment that are completed per month, per agent and what the % of assessed calls vs the volume of IB/OB is? Also, are your assessments a blend of TL's and QA or soley one or the other?

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Aim for at least 4 calls per agent per month
You should aim for at least 4 calls per agent per month. It would ideally be 8 - 10 calls per agent per month.
A number of people use targeted coaching rather than random sampling (e.g. 2 short calls, 2 average length calls, 2 long calls, 2 compliant calls).

In terms of who does it the coaching should be done by who coaches best. The aim is for behaviour change. So ideally the QA would do the scoring and the Team Leader would do the coaching. But it all depends on what works best based on your organisation and how well trained your TLs and QAs are.

These links provide lots of guidance.

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