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Hughes Insurance

Hi all,

Currently we have 24 wallboards which run a wallboard program with dedicated xml settings located in users profile which is different for each wallboard showing different stats. These are run on a windows 7 computer.

My question is if anyone would know if there is a way to centrally manage this and project the screens from a central server to a small device which wouldn't take a windows license?

Any ideas or thoughts are this?

Just an idea

Ubuntu Linux box running WINE?



Hughes Insurance

This is a last resort as I would like management all screens centrally, any other suggestions such as companies or devices that would provide a digital signage solution but would be intelligent enough to run a program and project it to a device?

Telecoms manager

Cambridge Assessment

Navaho digital signage will do all you need for this. Just search for their youtube pages.

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PoundTeam Incorporated

Ubuntu or any other linux machine with a php page that acquires content from a mysql database on one of the linux machines. Then a script on that machine can acquire the data content from wherever you need and store it in the database. This is actually the sort of thing that php/MySQL (LAMP) systems are designed to do. No licensing costs. We build stuff like this all the time, and generally the clients find out how easy it is and take it in house. Sometimes we merely consult and coach from the beginning without actually touching anything. :)

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