Wasted talent

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Wasted talent
I have only recently been back in touch with you guys but glad I have and would like to pose something that may be of interest to the CC community or for yourselves to comment.

Outsourcing, if merely done for profit gain, rarely works in my opinion on the areas of quality, reputation etc. Its old hat to criticise the Indian sub-continent market and most outside of the industry have (or still do) mock their experience. That being said, I see that some are moving back to the UK which I welcome.

Here’s my question. I live now on the Algarve and have been looking for a role that I can fulfil here as an outsourced person within the CC field. My previous roles have been management and shaping of call centres to achieve targets both on quality and customer service etc. Being realistic, I still feel as if my wealth of experience is not being used at the moment. I fully appreciate that I cannot perform the types of roles I had before here on the Algarve but there must be something that a person like myself can do to assist a company going forward. My salary expectations are realistic but no one in the UK has yet responded to my requests to help out, again using my experience for the good.

Therefore, are we missing a trick with outsourcing or home workers? I classify myself in the latter. We should not just think that this is an area for an agent but the ad ons, such as quality monitoring etc can play a role too.

Just a thought and wondered if anyone has dipped their toe in this big pond or whether there has been discussions around this untapped resource market?


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It's a question of supply and demand
Hi Graham
Yes I agree with you that there is a pool of available talent that could be used for outsourcing. The problem is just because there is a supply, does not mean that there is a demand. It also has management problems from an operational requirement.
There is a lot of overcapacity in the outsourcing market so it is hard for any company to make outsourcing work - particularly on a small scale, so most operations tend to work on the basis of people coming into the office.

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