Weekly Forecast

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Weekly Forecast
hello team,
I have monthly forecast data so any one help me how to convert to this date in Weekly wise or daywise and intervalwise. I am new for forecasting so please help me on this issue. I am able to convert weekly call volume or day wise call volume in interval but I not able to convert monthly call volume convert in Day or weekly so please help me. thanks


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Divide by 4.2
If you want to convert Monthly data to weekly data, then the simplest way is to divide by 4.2.

To convert it to daily is more difficult as it depends upon the number of days that you work per week.

If you are working just Monday to Friday then divide the weekly by 5 and apply a Day of week factor that indicates the split across the week.

Typically this factor is
Monday 120%
Tuesday 100%
Wednesday 97%
Thursday 96%
Friday 90%

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