WFM - Genesys or Aspect or Blue Pumpkin (for 600 agents)

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WFM - Genesys or Aspect or Blue Pumpkin (for 600 agents)
We are planning to implement a WFM, the three options are: (600 agents)

- Genesys
- Aspect
- Blue Pumpkin

what is your experience with this tools??

Thanks very much.



I would recommend IEX.Next Aspect.

Genesys CTI Guru


Depends really on....
What systemsinfrastructure do you already have in the contact centre as this will restrict the choices you have?



genesys (ctiv2)+ alcatel
We have Genesys(ctiv2) + Alcatel, I supose that the Genesys WFM is the best one to integrate it, but I think that the Blue PumpkIn WFM is more complete for us (it has learning and Kpi's modules, for example).

So if the Blue Pumpkin WFM can be well integrated with our Alcatel + Genesys (ctiv2) we doesn't matter the money

Do you think that this well integration is possible??

Thanks very much

Genesys CTI Guru


Hi Oscar,

Without wanting to get into trouble with the moderators....

Genesys obviously intergrate their own WFM into their routing so this is easy.

I know Genesys dodid a Blue Pumpkin connector so you should talk to your Genesys VAR.

If you want to the Aspect eWFM or even IEX, my company has writes and sells these Genesys to WFM connectors (plug - sorry moderators). If Genesys wont help with Blue Pumpkin I'm sure we could create a connector for you.

If you need anymore information dont hesitate to ask.



ProtoCall One

Single point of admin
Hi Oscar,

I would add a couple of comments that are worth considering...

There is a Genesys connector for Blue Pumpkin and another client of mine tells me that the latest release of Blue Pumpkin makes the integration easier.

With 600 agents you might like to consider the operational impact of having to administer multiple systems. If your using the RSI interface on the Alcatel (I'm assuming you have an Omni PCX Enterprise?), then you'll already be in the position of only needing to do the day to day admin in one place. If you add Genesys WFM then this will continue to be the case. If you use Blue Pumpkin then you'll need to administer agents, etc twice.

One last comment. Generally all the top tier WFM (IEX, Aspect, BP and Genesys) products do a good job. The key to success is the implementation. You should look for good support on this from your supplier and don't underestimate how much time you'll need to put into it (including good solid change management). I've seen a number of companies go through multiple WFM products not making them work for them. There's never really been a problem with the product.




Thanks Simon, it´s a very good comentary.

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InVision Software

Genesys integration - no problemo
Hi Oscar

In practice, there should not be a problem interfacing your preferred WFM tool with Genesys CTI.

Check the method your vendor uses. A robust approach is to build the connector using the Genesys T-Lib SDK. This is a "business layer" published and supported by Genesys. Since the SDK means there is no need to make a direct connection to the Genesys database tables, you are protected from any changes that Genesys might make to the table structure. Even so, check that your vendor guarantees continued service in the unlikely event that the SDK interface changes.

I also don't want to get in trouble with the moderators but I must admit that I work for a WFM vendor (InVision) with a proven track record of Genesys integration using this method. We also offer integration with Genesys Configuration Manager to avoid double-entry of agent details. And the WFM functionality is great too! :-)

Hope this helps.


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Dell Inc.


I am with the workforce management team and i am looking out for a complete user guide For EWFM-Aspect and Blue pumpkin.I am really in need of some help.Guys incase anyone has some info. please send it to or

Forecasting Specialist


eWFM Manual
Hello All,

In relation to eWFM, does anyone have an electronic copy of the user manual which would help with Forecasting. I would be extremely grateful if you could send it to the following e-mail address:-


Business Development


For better price/performance check out
Dear forum, only the best price-performance will last in the end so I invite you to have a look at the web-site of XLScheduler which is a Swedish company that has brought a complete product suite of call centre scheduling, time reporting and other gadgets to the market at an affordable price. It is a pitty that the news on this product is spreading fast only in North-America. XLScheduler should be looked at by many more since it is playing in the same league as the top 10 players in WFM-solutions.

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Given you've just posted 3 times albeit not blanket posted the
same answer I've removed two.

I'll leave this as an open discussion.

So what makes it different?

He he he....

Answers on a postcard t.



Contact Centre Consultant

DarrylBeckford Limited

It is a pitty that the news on this product is spreading fast only in North-America

Perhaps it's because they'll put up with the forum spam?


Dechaine Consulting Inc

As our designated north american contact....

It is a pitty that the news on this product is spreading fast only in North-America

I've never heard of it.

Such a blatant, overboard, biased endorsement kind of sours me on the entire tool. Though I wouldn't mind understanding the true benefits of this tool compared to the top 10.

Contact Centre Manager


Is that same
"XLScheduler should be looked at by many more since it is playing in the same league as the top 10 players in WFM-solutions."

Is that in the same way as Watford, Charlton and West Ham are playing in the same league as the Top 10 players in English Football??? ..... :)

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Hi all
My question is similar with the first one but different a little bit...
We need a new WFM product for a 750 agents inbound call center which is nearly began to integrate with cisco.
Possible vendors are Teleopti, Witness and IEX...
We are waiting for the product to make a very accurate forecast and of course the schedule through it.
Can someone help me abouth that?
Thanks a lot

Sr. Workforce Analyst

United Health Group

IEX all the way. It's the Cadillac of planning software.



Platform Choice
I really don't think there is a finite answer to which is the best WFM software - in my opinion, the quality of the WFM solution, and the choice of vendor, depends completely of what the business wants to achieve. Some businesses may benefit from a simple solution, others need a fully fledged, all bells ringing WFM expert solution. In general, spend the time going through a thorough needs analysis and make a requirements matrix to benchmark a range of available solutions.


L3 Prime Inc.

More accurate forecasts
I wanted to pick up on the comments that you are “waiting for a very accurate forecasting and the capability to carry this through to the schedule”.

In general, forecasts are calculated using interval based forecasting methods such as Erlang.

These methods assume that activity arrives very evenly over a half hour. I say evenly because if you compare the number of agents that Erlang suggests to the number of agents needed to process perfectly even call volume, the difference very very thin. This is why Erlang told us not to use his method if activity was skewed or event driven.

Another assumption is that all of the calls that arrive in one interval somehow all end in the same interval. For modern contact centres these are very unrealistic assumptions.

As a result forecasts turn out quite distorted relative to the historical activity that they are based on.

One type of distortion is called a call pegging error. This means that the work needed to process calls gets pegged to the wrong interval.

A second distortion is called toggling. A forecast that suffers from this will cause call centres to flip back and forth between being understaffed and overstaffed.

To overcome these problems, there is a new forecasting method called High Fidelity Forecasting. This method uses the actual call distribution and never produces call pegging errors or toggling. The result is a faithful representation of past activity towards future forecasts.

High Fidelity Forecasting also happens to be “network aware”. This is great if you happen to think it is time to move past the point where call centre networks produce separate forecasts for each site based on their own ACD statistics.

If you are serious about wanting more accurate forecasts just ask and I’ll get you set-up for free. Once you try it you can compare your conventional forecasts to the High Fidelity Forecast. This will allow you to measure extent to which using a 100-year old forecasting method may be costing you overstaffing dollars and understaffing revenue.

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