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WFM Options
Hi all,

My workplace is looking to move from spreadsheet scheduling and forecasting to a WFM Tool. Massive sigh of relief from me.

Its going to be a part of a larger project, we are currently working with Mitel for a Telephoney and Email work, however this may change in the future.

Our contact centre has now grown considerably with Multiple teams, Multiple skillsets and Multi Queues.

Currently around 80 Heads, continuous recruitement is currently happeningg, so changes every week, which with excel and spreadsheets is taking a lot of my time building rotations, amending schedules and maintaining rotas. FTE is around 65 across all the departments and teams within the contact centre.

Looking for honest feedback from people who have recently chnaged WFM, how they've found the onborading process, how long its taken, has it worked how you'd hoped from a managment, resourcing and for the agents/advisors.

We've recently seen Teleopti (which I have also used seen in a previous role). As resource planning is very new to the business, brand new role when I joined last year, I want to be able to present several options as oppossed to people getting carried away with Teleopti without seeing other solutions.

Main Focuses

- User friendly - Agent and Managment point of view
- Shift, Break optimisation
- Ability to link between current Telephony/Email systems
- Adherence Tracking
- Intra Day Reporting
- Annual Leave - Processing- Visualise the effect of leave
- Forecasting capabilities - Ability to trial different scenarios

I am looking through the web and looking at reviews but be interested to hear solutions others have found and how peole have got on.

Kind Regards



Call Centre Helper

ACD Integration
There are lots of companies supplying WFM so would be well worth checking out a few more.

Here is a list of the major players

Three areas that are worth looking into in much more depth are
- ACD integration
- Annual Leave handling (e.g. can this be done in hours)
- Real time adherence

I would suggest that you drill down in these areas.

Ask the vendors for a reference "visit" - these can normally be done these days over a Zoom call.

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