WFM Scheduling Issues (IEX TotalView)

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WFM Scheduling Issues (IEX TotalView)
I'm using a client license of TotalView. Hence the client generates the forecasting and scheduling.

My problem is that I need to tweak (intraday) the schedule after the client generates it. Doing this one by one (in the graphical drag and drop screen) for a huge number of agents takes up a lot of my team's time. Any other way to do this in bulk ?

I need to tweak the intra-day schedule to match (+5%) with my forecast. Generally the scheduled agent count is way above forecast in most time slots. Thanks

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Is the 5% over to allow for Shrinkage on the day?


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WFM (IEX) Bulk Entries
To bulk upload Schedule changes you need SmartSync.

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WFM (IEX) Bulk Entries
Hi Scott

The +5% is a client mandate, shrinkages are already factored in.


Are you saying that using SmartSync, I can upload modified data in bulk from other sources (Excel for example) ? Is SmartSync part of TotalView or is it a 3rd party application ?




Maybe this helps
This is a usual problem.Smart Sync is a part of TotalView.
I am not sure if the client would agree as this means extra expense.

I suggest you make a seperate scheduling group for your MU and work on your schedules with the requirements from the client.

This way,they can keep a tag on the schedules you make.At the same time,the client is sure his requirements are being met.

Of course,this might require a lot of convincing from your end.

There are examples where it has been proven that its always best to get the scheduling piece done at the lower level.Forecasting is always done at the central level.

Do let me know if any more help is needed.

Schedules Smart sync
Im using Nice IEX 6.4 and Im trying to bulk update some schedules thru smartsync, is there a way I can remove the schedule from any agent and leave that day "unschedule"? I only can adjust current schedules but I want to delete some others.

Totalview IEX more agents than licenses
We have 500 licenses for Totalview IEX and we keep agent information for termination of past agents that we have 635, of the 635 agent count we have a MU with 240 agents that do not work at our call center. We have been told that we should move all terminated agents to a 'dead MU' that does not count against our 500 licenses. We currently have terminated agents set up in MU 95 but when NICE is confirming our system maintenance we are over our license count and need to remove agents. Do not know how to set up MU that will hold terminated agents and their information without counting against our 500 license count.



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Contact NICE
For this I would suggest that you contact NICE, or maybe one of their resellers. They should be able to guide you on how to move the agents to a dead MU.

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Trying to find out why some agents are showing "Unknown" as their actual status when they are really logged out. This is showing for "Open, PTO, Sick".


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Needs more investigation
I would suggest that you contact NICE, or maybe one of their resellers

IEX Scheduled Open
Good Day everyone,

just checking if you could help figure out as to why the IDPs does not show the # of agents scheduled in the Schedule Open column? even if schedules are correctly plotted. The CT has (2) MU of different time zones. The CT is on Eastern with the MU1 - Central / MU2 - Asia/KL. The thing is, only the MUs in Asi/KL are not showing. I have already checked the configuration and I don't see any reason for the schedules no to show up. Do you have any idea? Appreciate you help, TIA!

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