WFM Template for Calls, Emails, Messaging & Social

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WFM Template for Calls, Emails, Messaging & Social
We've recently brought our customer service in house, it was previously outsourced and the former partner isnt particularly forthcoming with assisting with our resource model.

I'm looking for a model or template that we can put our call, email, messaging and social volume into with average handling times that will assist in us compiling a required resource model.

Does anyone have an excel to this effect?


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Multi-Channel Calculator
This is where the multichannel calculator comes in

The alternative is that you add the totals of all contacts together, produce a weighted average of AHT and run it through an Erlang calculator

Thanks Jonty. ...
Thanks Jonty.

I looked at this earlier and considered that because there are so many email types (with various different ahts per type) that there may be an easier template to use to get the data.

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