WFM/WFP Course

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WFM/WFP Course
Hello! I'm working my way towards becoming a Contact Centre Manager (currently a Team Leader) and am looking to do some sort of course to give me a better understanding of Workforce Management as a whole; from forecasting and scheduling, through to intraday.

I've found [this]( course from The Call Center School which seems pretty in depth and would, on first appearance, seem to cover everything that I'm after (to a basic level at least, for me to build on later).

I was wondering whether anyone has either any experience of this course and could feedback, or has a suggestion for an alternative course that might fit the bill. Thanks in advance!


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A number of options
The Call Centre School is a reputable company, so should not be too much of a risk. The other place to look would perhaps be some of the courses done by The Forum (used to be called the Professional Planning Forum or maybe the CCMA). The ICMA WFM Bootcamp may also be worth looking at.

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