What are requirements to start a call center?

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What are requirements to start a call center?
Warm Greetings,
my name ismail pattan ,we are starting a call center in andhrapradesh.so i want to know that, what are requirements are need to start the call center and its uses. hope you hear good and answer from you soon.

Thanks & Regards
pattan ismail


Call Centre Helper

First of a ask yourself why
Before you go to start up a call center ask yourself why.
If it is because you want to become a BPO then be very careful. You may even want to ditch the idea. The market is flooded with BPOs and most will fail unless you have a really strong USP.
If you have a strong USP then go out and find your first client before you spend a penny on the project. If you cannot find a first client before you start - then that will send you a strong message.
For a whole list of requirements read this article.

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