What do you tell customers when they ask for your location?

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What do you tell customers when they ask for your location?
We are about to launce a national call center for one of our divisions which will take all calls from all states in the county (Australia)
We attempted this about 12 months ago, and we found customers were asking where there call was being answered.
Due to lack of training our staff would tell them, but I would like some advice on how other people have handled this? Have you ever had customers ask the location of where the calls are being answered?


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Honesty is the best policy
In all of this honesty is the best policy, so it is best just to tell the truth. It makes the conversation easier as staff doe not have to conceal the truth.

The callers will probably have guessed it anyway from the accents of the agents.

It you train advisors to lie, they will note that it is acceptable to lie to customers. That is a very slippery slope.

Just be honest.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak we proudly announce we are at home
Home might be away and most callers seem to understand now (fyi we are not a call centre or TAS but have very much an interest in this industry)

We announce "remote"
So, I work for a large home DIY retailer based out of Atlanta. In our call centers (we have 25 total for the organization) we use our public address not our physical address. I.e. "We are located in Atlanta" and then when we are working from home, we always say "I work remotely out of Atlanta"-

Unfortunately at one point, we had agents telling exact call center locations (which are not public knowledge)and we had angry customers show up and underwent some dangerous situations.

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