What is a blackout day in a call center /backoffice ?

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what is blackout day in callcenter/backoffice ?
What is a blackout day in call center/backoffice ?


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A few meanings
I have not heard of this term before but I suspect that it is an abnormal day

- Where there is a major power failure (the lights go off and hence everything goes black). This could also apply to a major computer failure where the screens stop working
- In the travel industry a blackout day is a day when frequent fliers are unable to redeem their miles for reward flights

Depending on context, a predetermined 'non-leave' day
On some versions of WFM, there is the ability within the package to set specific days as blackout days - restricting and preventing agents from requesting leave.
You could use this around your busiest days, month end/start, bank holidays, etc. and gives you the ability to control the amount of leave agreed for the date.


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Thanks for this
Hi Ian

Thanks for your definition

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