What is the best way to find out how many Agents I need for my Call Centre?

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What is the best way to find out how many Agents I need for my Call Centre?
I head a Call Centre with a total of 25 Agents who are directly involved in taking inbound calls only.
These are some figures of the number of calls presented in a month. We operate 24/7 and have 4 shifts 1. Grave yard 12am to 8am, 2. 6am to 3pm, 3 8am to 5pm and 4. 3pm to 12.am

Calls Presented 62,597, Calls Handled 45,382 Calls Abandoned 15,019 and Calls Dequeued 2,196


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You will need to model call arrival patterns
First thing that you will need to do is to model your call arrival patterns, to break it down by hour of day or day of week. You can then assign staff to the shifts.

You can either do this using Excel or you may find the use of an Erlang Calculator

A couple of observations though.
- If you have 15,000 calls abandoned (approx 25%) then you are rather severely understaffed
- You would be better with a wider number of shifts - staggered shifts work better at managing the ups and downs of call volumes.

Hope that this helps

Incoming broader than just inbound calls
Our agents take inbound calls and manage inbound e-mail contacts (we are a HRSCC), we don't at this time have chat/ self ticketing etc. I can use Erlang to calculate numbers required for inbound voice but currently calculate the additional numbers required for email incoming using Erlang but assuming 100% "occupancy" for this portion. I also offset some inbound phone occupancy assuming agents will take up email inbound when not accepting a call. All very Heath-Robinson, is there a more sophisticated model I can use for additional channels? TBH I need a no cost solution as do not have a budget for a vendor product at this time.


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Have you tried the Multi-channel calculator?

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