What is the future of call centre technology

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Trying to predict what the next big thing will be in the call centre space is becoming more and more difficult.

As customer demands rise on our centres what do you think will be the next big technology hitter which makes a difference to staff and customers.

Be interested to get your views!

Thanks Guys


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I believe that I have recently come across such a product. It is only about 8 months old and is really out there in terms of tech. It probably wasn't originally designed with call centres in mind but would have huge benefits. Its ability with just a click of a button to record voice and screen and be instantly published out to every other call centre operator allows people to share knowledge and expertise within seconds which has not been available until recently. Now those highly efficient operators who are considered experts or that new person with a new innovative way of dealing with an issue can capture that and share it.

There is one other piece of technology that is context and role sensitive therefore recognizing who you are,what screen you are on and what your role is so is therefore able with one click of a button able to give you step by step guidance on how to complete your task dramatically reducing the amount of call time and right first time which are both very important things.

Both pieces of technology where not in my mind originally designed to be specifically for call centres so somewhat gone under the radar till the last 6-8 months but I have some seen very impressive stats on the few that have adopted these.



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I've only just spotted this post, after posting my views on the future of interaction management...

I think my answer is; Smartphones and Pro-Active Contact :)


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Are you able to provide more details on the product you mention please?



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I think static call routing will soon be replaced by dynamic call routing. There is quite a reasonable potential revenue increase to be had by having your calls dynamically routed.

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What about increased and more common use of interacting with customers using Social Media? and or the development of quick to set up systems that make working from home regardless of geographical location more common place and low cost? Perhaps many of you already use social media or homeworking? personally, I have no experience of either but can see huge potential for both in our industry, particularly in such trying economic times when cost saving is key and customers increasingly interact via Apps and soical media rather than voice or email?

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1. Social Media Integration

2. Telephony Application Grids : Removing large monolithic central dialer and using agent PC's computing power to simulate a central dialer. This would make central dialer obsolete in some time. This is on lines of Grid Computing.

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1- cloud technology

2- social media and interactivity

3- speech analytics

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1. Social media - more focus on contact centre rather than call centre

2. Customer service -retaining customers

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Talking to a customer services agent via a webcam type app in facebook,linked in etc , providing a face to face service

Speech Analytics when it is affordable


interesting nicholson, would you not think that F2F contact would be intimidating for some customers?? I'm not sure i'd opt for it myself... remain anonymous!!

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michellem -

I suppose it all comes down to diversification of service channels.

Back in the old day we had either face to face or write a letter, then along came phones, email, webchat.

Providing each method provides something the customer wants, then it will appeal to some. Personally I only use the phone if its something difficult to explain without a long letter.

F2F would be ideal for those who do want a "real" conversation but cant get out of the house to the store. It is commonly accepted that body language is an important part of communication (some studies quote >50%, which isn't really true if you looks into it) but it can only improve communication. I suppose with F2F being pushed on smart phones, companies if nothing else could see it as being a "trendy" way to interact with the customers, which in turn might lead to its growth.

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To answer your question with another question Voiceage do you feel intimidated when you go to the friendly person in the bank

As Kevin says it just provides the customer with a choice and provides a differentiatiation in terms of the customer service being provided

My thought is that the centers of the future will not be centers but instead business untits that will not be able to distinguish between different types of interactions as the barriers between voice, data , time and space are broken everyday.



Customer service is the most underestimated business i must say and i see a lot of growth potential in this howsoever may be the market.

Now that CRM (Customer relationship management) ideologies are very much in market place and the competition growing it becomes more and more imporatnt to keep the customer satisfied.

Studying customer life cycle is already in place at some organisations and by using BI (Business Intelligence) Organisations are taking care of their profitable customers. Though things are at very nascent stage but future seems to be good and as they say that "Customer is the King", more penetration and adoption of CRM technology and Applications is not ruled out.

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