What Metrics to use on Wallboards

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Hi All, I'm tasked with bringing an outdated contact centre into the 21st century, so expect to see a lot of questions from me!

The contact centre in question is Multi Channel, but only show Avaya cms supervisor reports on their plasmas around the centre.

I'm trying to find a solution that keeps agents informed of calls and caseloads while not seeming like another thing to worry about.

So my question is twofold - firstly, what metrics would you use here?
secondly - how would you get this onto screens without any WFM software

thanks in advance

Wallboard Solution
Hi Toby,

Metrics wise you want to keep it easy to read, minimally complex, and always actionable. Graphical representations rather than tables helps keep it interesting to look at too. Ideally, you'd be looking at metrics like calls in queue, oldest call waiting, and agent status information so that everyone can make informed decisions about how to react to queues. Service Level is sometimes used but you have to consider what individual agents can actually do about that. Whilst quality scores such as CSAT or NPS are less real-time, they often serve as a good motivator and reminder that quality is paramount.

On the multi-channel aspect, the metrics depend on which channels but the same rules would apply. There's no reason why multi-channel data can't appear on the same display as voice data. If your agents are blended, the wallboard should be blended too.

I've taken a look at a few Toby James on LinkedIn so if you have any questions or would to discuss in more detail, you should be able to find me on there very easily.

Best Regards,

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