What music on hold are people using these days?

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What music on hold are people using these days? Most call centres that I ring seem to have classical music that does not change much.

Also are there any bad examples of music on hold out there?

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I think the hold time can be used effectively. Sometimes or mostly, customers find the music annoying and it can never be customised to suit a uniform taste!

Before the call ends, most agents share an additional tip with customers about a new product or service, especially if that matches the customers need. I think it might be more fruitful if during the hold time, the customer gets to know about the new services or offers or key short cuts to know their balance etc, basically self-help options. That can also save some time on the call


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The worst one I heard was at the Post Office.

I was played a message "thank you for calling you are being held in a queue and will be answered shortly".

Up came the Music On Hold - Rocket Man by Elton John with the words "...and I think it's going to be a long, long time."

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lol...that was so weird am sure..

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I think the whole on hold experience could do with re-vamping or updating. I cannot think of one time when I've been on hold and thought 'oh this music is good to listen to'. Some music is so bad that you can feel yourself getting worked up despite the wait time or the fact that you have not even spoken to anyone yet.

One good experience was with NEXT where they actually tell you how long roughly you are likely to be in the queue before your call will be answered.

I'm sure there are more like this. Maybe, I don't ring enough call centres to do with my personal affairs.......

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An easy-listening radio channel would be ideal. Otherwise, nature sounds and classical musical seem to be in use a lot these days.

Irritating hold music would be promotional jingles and top 40 music.


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Any company that plays its advertising music used on TV ads over and over again when your hold..... really drives me nuts.

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I contacted one major mobile phone network whose technical staff actually apologised for not having music on hold and the fact that I would be put on hold to silence. Like it or loathe it it seems we would expect it because if we hear nothing we tend to put the phone down! Modern MOH players often have lots of music choice and its so easy to get an even bigger choice of Royalty Free music or bespoke announcements at a smallish cost these days.

we listen clasicall music on hold time because this music sounds do relax our custemers.

Peoples need to be happy so finding fun things. However i think, populer music can be happy our custemers.

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A colleague of mine discovered that for the past four months his hold music had been the bird noises from the default Asterisk install - with a 30 second call position report.

I'd used it as a MoH test when configuring his asterisk over a year ago. Apparently they'd restored an early backup and hadn't realised.

Still, nobody complained. I personally find it quite relaxing.


My doctors still hav...
My doctors still have the same music as when I was a teenager! I'm now 33

anyone have a good l...
anyone have a good location where you can get these on hold music from? In the past i have taken fragments from songs and keep putting it on repeat

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