What service level are companies moving more towards- % of calls answered in x seconds

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% of calls answered in "x" seconds and what are companies moving more towards? 80/20, 80/30, 80/60?
I know this question gets posted often. I'm a WFM Manager in mid level insurance company and we're currently at an 80/20 and we're looking to adjust to fit our customers. What is the current trend? Are you adjusting to an 80/60, focusing more on FCR and not AHT? I'm trying to get an idea on what people are moving more too?

Analysis of how chan...
Analysis of how changing your service level / queue time impacts your abandon rates and customer satisfaction scores will help you to determine if you it is worth relaxing your SLA from 80/20.

For more general trends, we asked over 250 industry professionals what SLA they target on the phone, email, live chat and social media. The results can be found in the following report: https://www.callcentrehelper.com/resource.php?id=706

There seems to be a move
Towards customer feedback, abandonment rates and ASA. Service Levels are being moved away from as the primary focus. Whilst it is still being used to determine resources, there is much more of a focus it would seem on other measure and much less focus on SVL.

What does a 80 / 20 figure tell you, 80% of calls were answered in 20 seconds but the other 20% waited how long ? What is your customer expectation that you need to meet ? I suspect that if the caller gets the answer they wanted and great customer service, whether they waited 20 seconds to 2 minutes is almost irrelevant.

If your IVR is one or two mins long, why does everyone concentrate on the following 20 seconds ? in truth, everyone has waited more than 20 seconds to speak to someone and that's what this measure is all about really ?

Longest time in queue (whether abandoned or answered) may be another valid measure.

Hope this helps

Calls Answered / Abandoned
HI - I think with the exception of WFM systems which still usually need the SLA for their calculations, most companies moving towards % calls answered as it allows for customer patience and shows spikes when people start abandoning. Balance it with ASA and you get a good impression of what happening.

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