What training metrics are you provided with?

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What training metrics are you provided with?
I was wondering what kind of metrics are being used out there and how valuable they are - just as an industry snapshot you understand.

Does your HR/training or quality dept provide any of the following or are these held elsewhere?

* Training costs per employee.
* Enrolment rates and attendance rates.
* Delivery modes, plans against actuals.
* Percentage of target group that is "compliant".
* Time from eligibility to compliance, or to proficiency.
* Percentage of workforce trained in particular skill areas.
* Learning time as percentage of job tenure.
* Availability, penetration, and usage rates of help systems.
* Skill gap analyses tracked over time.
* Productivity (such as, for example, number of new clients per 100 pitches).
* Attrition rates.

Anything else I've missed?

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Way out of my area
It involves dealing with people :-)

But I'd be very interested to see the replies.

It will be interesting to see the difference across continents.

Sorry I can't help with this one, but I'm not really a 'People Person' and
I can provide witnesses to that fact :-)


WFM & Business Telephony Manager

Healthcare Insurance

Training metrics
As we had a flurry of posting, this
got pushed back very quickly.

Anyone have anything to add or comment?

This is one area, whilst I am NOT competent to answer, I feel
we occasionally neglect.

We spend time talking about motivation, rewards, coaching and
traing but very rarely the actual recruitment process above the
basic 'How do oyou recruit staff' questions.

Have fun, play nicely.


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