When you disagree with metrics

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When you disagree with metrics
This has been on ongoing experience with me personally. When I log in from lunch or break, or take a personal which is very rare. I usually get an email or an actual coaching from my supervisor, (who is great by the way) stating that I was late so many minutes from break or lunch or I took a personal when I didn't. So far this has escalate to the point where HR has now become involved My supervisor and I have tried several different ways to stop this from happening. The metrics will improve for a time, but after a week or so, the issue with my metrics will return. Though I have not changed the way I do things.


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Keep your own records
The only way around this is to keep your own records. Keep a pad by your desk that shows the exact time that you logged on/ logged off. Compare this with the time shown on the phone system.

Also you have the ability to ask for what is called an "Adherence Report" which shows you the times that you logged on and logged off.

This way you have real evidence, not just an opinion that you were right.

This article gives more information about adherence and how the contact centre is calculating it.

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